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Saturday, October 09, 2004

by Kenny Paul Clarkson

With a lust for mischief and an eye for accuracy, Orville slung a rubber band between his thumb and forefinger. He loaded his makeshift slingshot with a paper clip, stretched it to maximum length and took aim at the back of Mrs. Hester’s head.

The sounds of humming fluorescent lights and chalk screeching through a proper prepositional phrase accentuated the silence. All eyes were on Orville.

With a sinister grin and flick of the wrist, he released his missile and, within a split second, smacked the teacher’s puffy ’60s style hairdo dead center.

The sixth-grade class roared with laughter.

Fortunately for Mrs. Hester, her big hair cushioned the blow.

She literally didn’t know what hit her, and she didn’t know why the class was laughing, until … Orville reloaded and this time aimed lower.

The shriek he evoked was heard all the way to the principal’s office. Mrs. Fox, accustomed to pre-adolescent shenanigans, burst into the classroom.

Dismissing Mrs. Hester, the silver-haired principal demanded to know what happened and who did it. No one would leave the room until someone confessed.

Once again, all eyes were on Orville.

Mrs. Fox laid down the law. From that day forward rubber bands and paper clips would be considered contraband.

Their very possession would be cause for expulsion. They were prohibited.

There was nothing inherently wrong with rubber bands. Paper clips in the hands of trustworthy teenyboppers posed no cause for prohibition. It was Orville’s misuse of these items that led to their banishment. Liberty was lost due to the character flaw of one individual.


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